Sustainable Communities -

Tidy Towns Awards 2021

Entries open on the 9th August 2021 and close on Friday 17th September

Main Categories for Awards

The 2021 Sustainable Communities Awards have three main categories.

Tidy Towns - The Tidy Towns Overall Winner will be awarded to a town, city or village in Tasmania demonstrating success or progress in the areas of socialenvironmental and economic sustainability.

To enter this category the town should be able to provide at least one example of a successful project, activity, event in each of the three areas above. 

For example your town may run an activity that enhances the local economy, or a successful volunteer program, an innovative business enterprise, a financially successful partnership. You may have projects care for and conserve the natural environment or raise awareness, or minimise waste.

Your social sustainability can include anything that promotes the well being of your residents or visitors, cultural, equitable or diverse projects and programs or great facilities to keep young and old active and fulfilled.

Community Citizen - Nominations for this award are about recognising the achievements or contribution of outstanding individuals. This person can be any age, working, a volunteer, or even still at school. There are no restrictions. Is there someone who really makes a difference in your community? Or who always goes the extra mile to help out? That's who we are looking for.  

Community Group - This new category provides an opportunity to recognise the wonderful and diverse contributions Community Groups make to their regions. The enormous environmental, social and economic benefit of Community Groups cannot be overstated. Is there a Community Group in your town making an outstanding contribution or having a big impact on the quality of life in your region? If so please do nominate them. KABTas would love to recognise them!

As well as the three main categories the Sustainable Communities Awards also invite nominations for specific or one off projects, events or programs.

Sustainability is about communities getting things done and caring about the future. Anything that makes your town a wonderful place to live or visit whilst being mindful of the needs of future generations and the other beings we share the planet with meets the criteria. 

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