What we do

‍The organisation runs strong anti-litter campaigns, and also educates Australians about environmental issues including waste minimisation, energy conservation, water quality, recycling, coastal care, and roadside management - including revegetation. KAB's major sustainable communities programs include:

The Tidy Towns, and Sustainable Cities programs which see more than 20,000 people statewide unite to protect and improve their local environment.

The Schools Environment Awards, recognising the top environmental school in Tasmania with the opportunity for all secondary and special schools to enter each year. They are judged on the environmental programs they implement in the classroom, the school yard, and the wider community.

The Clean Beaches Awards, recognising individuals or community groups for showing pride in their local beach. Judges take into account the beach's geographic, environmental and economic circumstances, and assess the way in which the entrants use the available resources to maintain their beach environment.
National Programs.

‍Through its National programs KAB Tasmania builds on the success of the grassroots activities of each State and Territory Councils. In addition to providing the backbone for the national programs, KAB Councils' local programs cover issues including revegetation, the conservation of biodiversity, water quality management, and coastal care.