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The Sustainable Communities - Tidy Towns Awards recognise the hard work, resourcefulness and commitment of individuals and organisations...

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The 2023 KABTas Tidy Towns/Sustainable Communities Winner is Bridgewater

Congratulations Bridgewater 

Bridgewater went on to represent Tasmania at the National Tidy Towns/Sustainable Communities Awards held in Gascoyne Junction, WA in May 2024. 

Beechworth, Victoria has won Overall Winner for 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Bridgewater picked up two major awards at the National Awards as well as one Highly Commended.

The National Tidy Town’s 'Dame Phyllis Frost' category is awarded to a local hero who stands out in the community for taking steps towards a more sustainable future. 

The winner of this category for 2024 is JOSELLE GRIFFIN from the Australian Red Cross in Bridgewater, Tasmania! 🏅

Hailing from Bridgewater, Joselle Griffin personifies the spirit of community empowerment through inclusive strategies deeply rooted in her Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage. 🌿

Serving as a grassroots advocate at the Australian Red Cross Tasmania, she champions the philosophy of Asset Based Community Development, nurturing local initiatives such as the Brighton Community Food Hub. 

Joselle emphasises the importance of community-led solutions, trusting in the profound impact of localised action. From her formative years at Bridgewater High School to her pivotal role in crisis management and community advancement, Joselle's path highlights her dedication to equality and community development. Her efforts symbolise the belief that sustainable change comes from within communities themselves, positioning her as a catalyst for constructive change within Bridgewater and its neighbouring areas. 

Congratulations Joselle!

The National Tidy Town’s 'Waste Prevention & Reduction' category is awarded to a project that focuses on minimising what goes into landfill and assists in creating a circular economy. 

The winner of this category for the 2024 National Tidy Towns Awards is BRIDGEWATER, TASMANIA for their Bin to Win initiative!

♻️ Centacare Evolve Housing's collaboration with Brighton Council for the annual Bin to Win event underscores their shared commitment to waste education and accessibility. This innovative initiative goes beyond traditional waste management efforts by offering interactive educational experiences for the community. 
By emphasising the importance of reducing waste and diverting it from landfills, the event encourages participants to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. 
The impact of Bin to Win is tangible, with the community removing over 80 carloads of waste, including 200+ tires, 50+ white goods, and 40+ mattresses. 
This significant achievement not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also demonstrates the power of collective action in addressing waste management challenges. ♻️

Congratulations Centacare & Brighton Council!

HIGHLY COMMENDED in the Young Legends category was the BRIGHTON YOUTH ACTION GROUP (BYAG) from Bridgewater, TAS!

Since 2023, BYAG has been the voice of youth aged 12-25, empowering them to shape their future. Their initiative, the Brighton Big Bangin Youth Night, brought over 200 young members together for a rap concert and a crucial 'Talk' session with local authorities and the BYAG team.This dynamic group isn't just about events; they're driving change! From tackling transport poverty to mental health, they're paving the way for a brighter future. Let's keep supporting BYAG and their inspiring mission!

Congratulations Brighton Youth Action Group!

Beechworth impressed the judges with initiatives such as the Indigo Future Proof Action Group, the People of Beechworth Exhibition, and Beechworth Honey’s Bee School.