Sustainable Schools Award - Primary over 400 students


Trevallyn Primary School (Joint Winner)

The ‘Taste of Trevallyn’ is the largest event held at Trevallyn Primary School and provided an ideal opportunity to not only reduce waste to landfill but also educate the community. Enter ‘Waste at the Taste’!

Waste at the Taste was a project requiring innovation and serious preparation. FOGO bins were introduced to capture the food scraps and compostables. The students made a video demonstrating what goes in each bin and bin supervisors were stationed to help with any confusion. At the end of the event dedicated rubbish sorters corrected any mistakes.
To reduce the waste generated the school ran a recycled toy stall and a second hand book stall and replaced show bagswith ‘Terrific Tubs.’ Terrific Tubs were created from lots of small donated items, packed into reusable containers. Once a tub was purchased the contents were emptied into a paper bag and the empty container reused.


‘Waste at the Taste’ saved 150 kgs from going to landfill and educated the whole community.

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