Sustainable Schools Award - Higher Education


TasTAFE - Campbell Street Library

A trail blazing recycling program, inclusive, inspiring and innovative. TheTasTAFE Campbell St Library provides many recycling opportunities. Mobile phones, toner cartridges, soft plastics, e-waste, pens, light globes and paper and cardboard are all collected for recycling. However Library Technician Rachele Carnevale  kicked things up a notch when she noticed that the recycling systems at TasTAFE needed a champion. Sustainability is a priority in the TasTAFE curriculum and the topic has been built into every TasTAFE course offered around the state. Rachele and the team from Campbell Street Library could see that there was an opportunity for the library to reflect this educational priority by setting up systems that encouraged staff and students to recycle correctly.

From simple changes like removing the small waste bins, which were often filled with recyclables and installing centrally located, larger bins, the focus on recycling correctly was more manageable. Ongoing consultation with staff and students ensures that a variety of perspectives are considered. Clear signage and education about what belongs where, signs translated into other languages,participation in Hobart City Council waste education programs are all examplesof how this TasTAFE library is getting their sustainability message out there. If the trial innovations at Campbell St Library are successful, it is hoped that similar recycling programs will be extended to other TasTAFE libraries and campuses.  

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