Sustainable Schools Award - Primary over 400 students


Riverside Primary School (Joint Winner)

The student led ‘Waste Warriors’ are greatly improving how waste is sorted at the school. The weekly bin report conducted with each class grades the sorting from A to D. To score an A there must be no easily recyclable or reusable items in the bin. Even a D score is not meant to discourage and a class with a low score will be encouraged to keep a growth mind set. The message is not one of failure but just an observation that “You are not there YET! There are 9 or more items which could have easily been sorted into other bins. Tomorrow is a new day. What do you need to work on for next time?”

The students do the monitoring and are gently encouraging each other to sort their waste better. Best Bin Report for the term wins a tray of brownies!

Riverside Primary are problem solvers and are always open to better ways of doing things. When they realised the Preps could not reach into the larger bins, they provided smaller bins. When the first designs of new classroom bins didn’t quite work out, help was sought in the redesign. When they discovered that proper composting was quite difficult to achieve they moved to FOGO.

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