Sustainable Schools Award - Primary 251-400 Students


Mount Stuart Primary School

Mount Stuart Primary School not only won the 2019 KABTas Youth leadership Award, they also won their school population category. When Tasmanian Keep Australia Beautiful judge Lesley Gardner visited the school, she was greatly impressed with the knowledgeable and informative presentation given by two of the students. Also impressive was that the Student Representative Council named sustainability as their top priority as it was the number one issue raised by the students.

Mount Stuart Primary also conducts regular waste audits. In August 2018, in one week, the school sent 52.5 kgs of waste to landfill. In April 2019, waste sent to landfill in one week was 17.6 kgs. With daily routines including using hand towels instead of single use paper towels, using natural, recycled materials whenever possible and reducing consumption, a 60% reduction in waste to landfill was achieved in only 7 months!

Mount Stuart Primary also considers their partnerships with the community as an empowering and motivating force for change. Families, the wider community and Hobart City Council are all involved in school activities such as art, nature play spaces and gardening.

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