Sustainable City Award


City of Launceston

From FOGO to EV & LED, City of Launceston is embracing sustainability with purpose and vision. The Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) program has been extended to events and the compost produced is rejuvenating parks and gardens throughout the city.

City of Launceston’s commitment to a sustainable future is also evident in the support of youth leadership and creativity and other projects which encourage nature based play and recreation. The Punchbowl Reserve, the development of Riverbend Park as an all-abilities playground and recreation area and the redevelopment of the Cataract Gorge Play Space are providing not only health benefits but also cultural recognition of the needs of CoL’s diverse community. The Halo Seat is a gentle space for grieving parents and the ‘Just Like Jack’ all inclusive wheelchair roundabout at Royal Park enables everyone to have fun and new adventures. The Riverside Lions Club have served the community for many years with their long-term commitment and contribution to the Riverside Tailrace Park.

The Ravenswood welcome sign truly exemplifies the diversity of this particular community with every letter lovingly designed and created by different organisations in the area.  

Groups such as Northern Tasmanian Waste Management, Tamar NRM and NRM North are highly regarded organisations throughout the state and CoL is proudly and actively supporting their work.

The  high level of community consultation, engagement and community led initiative seems to be underpinning the exciting and sustainable development of this regional city.

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