Learning Resources

Litter Less

Provides teachers with a resource to cover all areas of learning through reducing litter and increasing waste recycling within the school environment. The material is aimed at both Primary and Secondary Schools and ideally suited for grades 5 to 8. It provides student led learning and leadership programs both within the school and the community. Worksheets, case studies, and supporting documents are included. Litter Less has been developed by teachers, for teachers, and is a publication created by Keep South Australia Beautiful.

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Clean Up Book

This publication has been written for community groups and local government, and is particularly suitable for remote areas. It provides guidance and resources for instigating and leading community clean up sessions. There are sample documents and case studies and step-by-step processes are demonstrated and explained. The book has been funded by the Packaging Stewardship Form of the Australian Food and Grocery Council and developed in partnership with Keep Australia Beautiful in the Northern Territory.  

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Waste Education Resource Index for Teachers

This package provides background information for teachers to provide students with waste and litter based information including Interactive websites and social media links such as Facebook groups and YouTube videos. This document is linked to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. The information is provided by the Wrigley Company. KAB believes that education and awareness of issues relating to litter reduction and increased waste recycling are key components to changing behaviour for now and into the future.  There are a number of learning resources that KAB have to assist educationalists in promoting the aims of reduced litter and better waste recycling.

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Our Mission

Environmental Education framework and awards promoting learning for a litter free, sustainable Australia.
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